OAGi Press Release Guidelines

OAGi offers the following guidelines to member companies who wish to reference OAGi, its resources, its programs, or its activities in a press release.

  1. On first reference to OAGi, use: The Open Applications Group (OAGi).

  2. When describing OAGi, include” OAGi is a non-profit, member-driven, global standards organization. For more content, consider the statement included at the bottom of our most recent press release on our website.

  3. When describing connectSpec, include: connectSpec is the world’s most comprehensive enterprise canonical standard.

  4. When discussing connectSpec, consider working in the following statement: connectSpec is ISO 15000-5 compliant.

  5. Consider inviting OAGi to review and comment on your press release by emailing Member.Services@OAGi.org.

  6. Consider requesting a quote from the OAGi CEO by emailing Member.Services@OAGi.org. Suggested quotes welcome.

  7. Refrain from any claim of OAGi endorsement (although OAGi may endorse members or categories of members in general).