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  1. OAGi / IOF's Atlassian Cloud service includes:

    1. Confluence ("the wiki")

      1. The wiki is composed of spaces.

        1. Spaces are composed of pages

          1. Pages may have child pages

          2. Pages may have file attachments

    2. Jira

      1. Jira is composed of projects.

        1. Projects are composed of issues (tasks).

  2. Create/edit, autosave, publish

  3. What happens if I forget to publish, close my browser window, shut down my computer, etc? Do I lose my edits?

    1. No, just go back to the page and go into edit mode.

    2. Confluence autosaves content.

    3. Maybe you’ll lose the last couple of sentences you edited.

  4. Most users cannot permanently delete any published content on pages (only admins can)

    1. So, edit all you want!

3-Dot Menu

  • Top-right of page

  • Be careful to distinguish between the page 3-dot menu and the browser’s 3-dot menu!



Following is a list of ways to navigate. These are not a series of steps.


  1. Headings

    1. Menu bar

    2. # (pound sign)

  2. Referencing users

    1. To reference someone that is a wiki user, type @ and start typing their name (such as "@Jim Wilson" will show up as Jim Wilson.

  3. Specifying dates

    1. To specify a date, type // (two forward slashes) and a calendar will pop up so you can choose the date.

    2. To edit a date, just click on it.

  4. Tables

    1. Creating

    2. Adding, deleting, copying, moving rows

    3. Adding, deleting, copying, moving columns

    4. Row header

    5. Column header

    6. Row numbers

  5. Links

    1. Other pages

    2. Websites

    3. Attachments

  6. Tasks feature

  7. Myriad other features


  1. Review changes between versions of pages

    1. 3-dot menu | Page History

Share Page


Following is a list of ways to share a page. These are not a series of steps.